When is the transition deadline?

The deadline for transitioning existing ISO certificates to the 2015 versions of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 was September 15, 2018.  Any certificate for the previous version became invalid after this date, and the system is technically no longer certified.

What changed in the standards?

What changed:  
   1. Common structure for all ISO Management System Standards for simpler integration

   2. Creation of ISO core requirements and terms to for clarity  

   3. More explanation, examples and clarification in the normative clauses (4-10)

What didn't: there are no new or additional requirements!  

What is needed to transition an ISO system?

Not much, IF you have a dynamic system tailored to your needs, risks and processes. 

Indicators that significant work is needed to transition: 

  1. You developed the system off a cookie-cutter template; 
  2. You inherited a system someone else developed primarily for auditors;
  3. You have a "zero-tolerance" culture for nonconformities;
  4. You have had "perfect" (no nonconformities) registrar audits for some time.

Every transition should start with a plan. Training and a GAP Analysis are the best tools for determining the path forward.  

What do I do if I was unable to transition by the deadline?

ISO 17021, the standard that governs accreditation bodies and certifications, allows up to six months after a certificate was invalidated or expired to regain certified status without resetting your certification start date.  You are not alone - many other companies are in this position, and registrars are motivated to retain their clients.

If you don't already have a plan, let T.I.K.I.S. expertise in registration and transition help you get on track to  reactivate your certification.